The Truth About SEO Myths

Using SEO optimisation services means you will not get caught up in the myths flying around the internet. SEO Experts know what SEO practices are good and what is outdated. Good SEO companies use the best practises to get your website noticed.

User experience is not important

Search engines use metrics and they use only this information to assess every website’s information. But they can determine if a website contains important information to engage users. Bots use this as a secondary way to determine website rankings. The more traffic a website has tells search engine bots it is of high quality.

SEO optimisation services make sure:

  • Every page title is unique and at least 65 characters long
  • Descriptions are relevant around 160 characters
  • There is only one H1 on every page
  • There are alt tags on all images, so the bots know what they are.

Top rankings are quick and easy

Wrong! Top rankings are not quick and easy. They do not happen overnight. It takes time and it depends on a few things. Things like the quality of SEO on old websites and how much relevant content a website has all play a part. The first few months are a research and testing phase to find the best combinations of keywords for each business. When hiring SEO optimisation services, budget for at least 12 months to get the best return on your investment.

Image optimisation is not important

Wrong again! Image optimisation is important. Without this, it can stop your SEO plan from reaching its full potential. Google bots cannot read an image, so adding alt text and a relevant file name allows them to read it. When Google can identify your image with appropriate text, it adds value to your website to help achieve better search engine ranking.

Use all keywords in the page title

Stuffing a page title with keywords does not work anymore. Bots are not so easy to fool. Also think about the user. Stuffing all your keywords into the meta title is spammy and irrelevant. It gives users a bad impression of a brand. Instead, use only one main keyword in the title. Use the others in a natural throughout the content to boost the value of your SEO.

You need separate pages for each keyword

Creating separate pages for every keyword worked well in the past. With search engine algorithm changes, this is a thing of the past. They now see this as spam or repetitive content, especially if the keywords are similar. Doing this can have a negative impact your search engine ranking.

Instead, target several keywords per page to create great natural content. Do not overuse them either for this will again look like spam.

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